Security & Risk Control

Proactive threat prevention and disruption of opportunity is almost always more cost-effective than detection and remediation after the event.

We work with organisations to ensure they are in the strongest possible position to protect themselves from future risks, particularly those associated with dishonest employees – employee theft and fraud, data breach and cyber-attack – whether via external or internal (employee) agents.

Through a detailed process of review, gap analysis, training and culture change, we can help your business put in place robust measures which will provide peace of mind and a real return on investment when set against the high cost of any potential risk events.

Every organisation’s risk profile and vulnerability is unique. Drawing on decades of experience in police, criminal and commercial risk matters, our specialists will design and deliver the right pre-emptive response for your specific circumstances.

Security & Risk Assessment

By visiting your premises and studying your organisational processes, our team of security advisors and risk assessors will identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your current security and crime prevention systems – helping you to prevent, disrupt and assist in the detection of employee theft and fraud.
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Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TSCM)

TSCM is the name given not only to the process of detecting and disabling recording devices (‘debugging’) but also designing and implementing security strategies to prevent future breaches.
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Training & Business Culture

Risk control begins at board level. Business culture and awareness are as important as physical security in the fight against business risk. Our specialist training courses can help your people implement effective risk control. Courses cover subjects including: fraud awareness, prevention and detection; data security and cyber-attack prevention; and internal investigation and interview.
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Expert Investigations