There are many scenarios in which an employee can commit – or be suspected of committing – wrong-doing.

Employment issues such as workplace theft or fraud, false absenteeism, theft of intellectual property, breach of contract (including post-termination), bullying and harassment can all cause serious harms to an organisation.

The evidence that employers need to resolve the problem is nearly always available.

Unfortunately too many fail to gather it properly, or simply fail to investigate all the aspects of the wrongdoing.

Expert Investigations has been successfully investigating suspected employee wrong-doing for nearly 20 years, working with employment solicitors, HR professionals and organisations throughout the public and private sectors.

Employee Theft & Fraud

By taking early and decisive action with Expert Investigations, you can detect, stop and resolve incidents of employee theft and fraud.
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False Absenteeism

We can help you investigate and resolve false absenteeism; a problem which costs time and money, and contributes to workplace stress, poor morale and culture.
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Expert Investigations Group has a long track record of investigating and remediating post-termination data theft and breach of contract matters.
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Workplace Investigation

Swift impartial investigation can resolve a range of employment, contract and disciplinary issues including bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
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While minor employment matters should be resolved quickly and informally wherever possible, a proper investigation is an essential first step whenever formal disciplinary action is anticipated.

A flawed or incomplete investigation can seriously undermine the disciplinary process, leaving the issue unresolved and the employer vulnerable to claims for unfair dismissal or failing to take grievances seriously.

Our experts will work with you in strict confidence and discretion to plan and implement a lawful investigation which will gather any evidence you need to satisfy the demands of any internal disciplinary procedure, employment tribunal, reporting to the Police or private prosecution.

Whether the investigation requires covert surveillance, vehicle tracking, computer data forensics, general investigations and interviews, or a mix of techniques, Expert Investigations will react immediately to gather evidence to prove the issue beyond reasonable doubt.


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Having required the services of Expert Investigations for sensitive surveillance issues for various clients over the years, we have always had confidence in their probity and professionalism and known that evidence they found would be usable in court. We are reassured to have the strategic alliance available to us in our Human Resource Management work.
Denise Reece, Principal Director, St Klare Reece Associates

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