The education sector faces many of the same challenges as any other sector. The chief difference is – of course – that in education the child’s welfare is a paramount responsibility.

Unfortunately, issues such as false absenteeism, computer misuse, theft and infiltration can all jeopardise this duty of care, and cause just as much economic, operational and reputational damage as they can in any other organisation.

We work throughout the state and independent sectors, helping education authorities, academy trusts, schools, colleges and universities to make sure these risks are properly investigated, resolved and prevented from reoccurring.

Expert Investigations is a proven and longstanding investigatory and risk control partner to the education sector.

Working either independently and externally to your organisation, or supporting your own internal investigation and audit teams, we can support you with:

  • General investigation of staff for issues including safeguarding
  • Analysing computers to prove inappropriate use (either website access or excessive use within the working day)
  • Surveillance of staff who are off sick and suspected of undertaking alternative employment
  • Investigation of theft, whether by employees, external individuals, or a combination working in collusion
  • Support investigations and operations to uncover proof of infiltration and extremism issues.
  • As soon as initial fact-finding and information gathering suggests that you have an issue which may come under your disciplinary action, it is vital you act to ensure full and proper investigation.
  • Our specialist investigators will provide you with the independent expertise and the full legal compliance you need to implement a solution rapidly, affordably and decisively.

When initial fact finding suggests that a matter may fall under your disciplinary procedure, contact Expert Investigations to discuss a swift and decisive intervention.


Expert Investigations Group is ISO certified, and we carry full professional indemnity insurance for all our activities, in additional to our many professional and sector accreditations.

Please contact us today to discuss your education sector requirements in full confidence.

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During a very high profile, difficult and unprecedented year Expert Investigations has been an invaluable resource to the Trust. I wish we had known about the services they offer many years ago and am sure we would have resolved some cases much sooner.
Joanne Tyler, Director of Business and Finance, education sector

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