Expert Investigations works with businesses and their legal professionals to resolve commercial, legal and regulatory matters effectively, discretely and affordably.

We deal with the broad range of risks which – if left unchecked – can put intolerable pressure on any organisation and its leaders.

Many of these issues, from workplace theft to breaches of intellectual property rights, arise within the organisation through the actions of employees or former employees.

Others arise through the actions of external individuals (or external individuals working in collusion with employees).

With our comprehensive investigations, our training, education and gap analysis, we can help you prevent, detect and disrupt these risks to your organisation.

Employee Theft

Research suggests that as many as 1 in 4 employees steal from the workplace. We can help you make a swift and decisive intervention.
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Intellectual Property

IP can be one of a business’ most important assets, but it’s all too easily breached by theft and fraud, counterfeiting, passing off or the straightforward theft of secrets.
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Commercial Dispute

We will deliver fast and effective solutions to commercial dispute, contractual, debt recovery and insolvency issues.
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Commercial fraud takes many forms, including straightforward theft of goods and monies, credit card fraud and phishing, insider trading, bribery and corruption, & corporate identify fraud.
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Risk Assessment & Control

Specialist training will give your team the expertise and tools needed to identify and prevent commercial risk at the earliest possible stage.
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We were very impressed with the professional and confidential manner in which sensitive situations were approached. We would strongly recommend Expert Investigations to any company looking to engage them in any type of investigation operation.
Avril Palmer-Baunack, Chief Executive, British Car Auctions /

Our commercial teams include former police economic crime unit detectives, surveillance and cyber-crime specialists, trainers, security consultants and internal analysts.

We can work independently and externally to your organisation, or support your own internal investigation and audit teams.

With prompt and professional investigation these serious commercial and legal risks can be identified and resolved.

And with proper risk assessment, control and training you can disrupt the opportunities and mitigate any future threat.

To discuss your commercial investigation, risk control or training requirements, contact us today in complete confidence.

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We will put you in the strongest possible position to resolve the matter and prevent future harm to your organisation.

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Resource | Considering Commercial Investigation

This video looks at key issues when considering a commercial investigation, whether in-house or with outside experts.

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Design agency made contact to discuss concerns that they had a suspicion that one of the employees had stolen company designs

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