‘Debugging’ or technical surveillance counter measure (TSCM) is the name given not only to the process of detecting and disabling recording devices (‘bugs’) but also designing and implementing security strategies to prevent future breaches.

Theft of information or loss of commercial and private confidentiality can be a significant threat to any business, organisation or individual.

It can cost money, lose deals and derail long-planned initiatives. In the personal sphere it can be used in matrimonial breakdowns and acrimonious divorces for one party to gain an information advantage of the other.

Our specialist officers will attend any location in the UK – whether an industrial or commercial premises, a vehicle, dwelling or any other type of structure – in order to conduct a detailed technical sweep.

Any devices will be identified and deactivated, and we can provide you with detailed recommendations for managing any further risk.


Our specialists are experts in the use of TSCM methods in response to the apparently increasing risk of attack by employees, former directors, criminal and competitive commercial agents, as well as private individuals.


Modern day bugging devices can be hidden in any location, including lightbulbs, plug sockets and extension cables. We use the latest state-of-the-art debugging equipment from leading manufacturers to find and disable this increasingly sophisticated technology.


We respond quickly and in 100% confidence to all matters concerning intrusion and information theft. We are mindful above all of the need organisations have to manage any potential reputational risk arising from these matters, and for individuals to ensure their privacy.

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