Security & Risk Assessment

The vast majority of businesses and organisations of every size and type are vulnerable to theft, fraud and other threats from the actions of dishonest employees.

By visiting your premises and studying your organisational processes, our team of security advisors and risk assessors will identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your current security and crime prevention systems.

Working in detail from the broad to the specific, and focusing on the ‘risk triangle’ of opportunity – motivation – rationalisation, we will provide you with a full written presentation of our findings, as well as recommendations for improvement.

Threat Assessment

We will assess your vulnerability to threats such as employee theft, fraud, post-termination theft of data / breach of contract, bribery and corruption, by working in detail through the operational structure and processes of your organisation.

Gap analysis

A detailed gap analysis will highlight where your specific weaknesses are, helping shape the prevention measures which can disrupt and prevent it.


Upon completion of the gap analysis we will advise you on specific, practical, affordable and appropriate measures you can put in place for the physical and IT security of your organisation.

A comprehensive security and risk assessment can be completed in as little as two days, and include multi-site, multi-location organisations.

Our team consists of former police detectives supported by fraud specialists and financial investigators.

This ensures we fuse the highest calibre of practical experience with civil and criminal knowledge, putting you and your business in the strongest position to prevent potential harm to your business.

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