Employee theft in the logistics & warehousing industry

As the credit crunch tightens, requirement for investigations into workplace theft has increased dramatically. The logistics and warehousing industry is not alone in issues with employee theft but it is an area where thefts such as fuel and product are an issue.

These types of crime are often not interpreted as a priority for the Police, therefore organisations are reluctant to report them. Consequently thefts can be ongoing for long periods and as a result, negatively affect an organisations cost and reputation.

According to CIFAS the economic and employment challenges facing many in the UK are undoubted the catalysts behind the increase in dishonest actions by staff to obtain benefit.

Fraud perpetrated by either management or employees accounted for 80% of the financial loss through fraud experienced by UK businesses in 2012. This shows that this is a high risk area for businesses and it needs to be tackled.

Expert Investigations a nationwide commercial detective investigations agency; work with many commercial and legal sectors to tackle issues such as theft & fraud, fraudulent claims, breaches of contract, false absenteeism, restrictive covenants and company disputes using many investigative methods such as surveillance and observations, Computer and digital forensics, covert vehicle tracking, covert cameras, undercover and general investigations.

For over 13.5 years Expert Investigations have investigated many differing cases within the logistics and warehousing sector and have seen how this can undermine the reputation of a company while also having a detrimental effect on company profit margins.

Examples of these have been:

Theft of fuel – It was believed an employee was found to be stealing fuel from their logistics employer spanning a period of 10 years equating to over £30,000. Utilising methods such as vehicle tracking, surveillance and observation Expert Investigations gathered enough evidence to assist in suspending and eventually prosecuting the employee.

Theft of Product – It was believed that an employee was stealing product from the client’s warehouse to sell on an internet site. Through Expert Investigations surveillance, observation, database research, and undercover work, enough evidence was gathered to prove that the employee including others from the warehouse team, including a manager, were working together. Evidence was gathered showing removal and storage of the product from the warehouse into private premises, which were then found to be placed onto the internet to sell. All employees were suspended and later prosecuted for theft of over £40,000.

False Absenteeism – Expert Investigations were commissioned to investigate a case regarding a lorry driver claiming long term sick due to a bad back. The employee claimed they were unable to drive, including unable to carry or move anything. Through Expert Investigations surveillance and observations, substantial evidence was gathered over several days, to disprove his circumstances. Evidence of the suspect driving and carrying shopping were enough to enable the employer to suspend the employee from work and stop further fraudulent claims being made.

Expert Investigations conduct such investigations daily and no laws are broken. Clients are often concerned with the legality of operations, but if they are impartial and transparent then no legislation is breached and no human right issues flouted.

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