Workplace Complaint

Upon returning in the New Year, following a Christmas festive party, our clients based in Worcester were aware that a potential indecent assault had been made on a female employee and two male employees had been fighting and one assaulted another as a result of the allegation of indecent assault.

Whilst a large number of people had been present at the event, large amounts of alcohol consumed by many attendees and there were conflicting accounts of what had occurred, the clients decided there was a requirement to conduct a proper professional investigation in an impartial manner and therefore instructed the services of Expert Investigations.

Interview teams (that being two former Police Detectives from Expert Investigations liaised with the client and conducted detailed interviews with all relevant parties both witnesses and suspects.

The location of the alleged assaults were visited and further supporting evidence was located in the premises such as CCTV footage and also with the event venue staff at the premises.

This allowed a full report to be put together confirming and disproving the relevant allegations and this information was handed to the HR department who then progressed to the discipline stage to deal with all parties concerned.

In consultation with the victims they themselves decided to make no formal complaint to the Police.

Expert Investigations