Time won’t wait

At Expert Investigations we fully understand the time pressures and constraints the legal profession works under, this is why Solicitors come back to us time and time again.

It’s 4 PM on a Tuesday afternoon and a Family Solicitor from Birmingham has just left court with an urgent Injunction for immediate service…in MANCHESTER. The Solicitor knew she was able to call our office and arrange for us to collect the documents. The injunction the documents had to be delivered by midnight.

One of our Officers left the office and met the Solicitor, collected the papers and then drove straight to MANCHESTER to serve the original court papers.

There are many process serve companies in the country, but very few are able to act as quickly and have the number of officers available at short notice to comply with the solicitor’s and Court’s requirements. Expert Investigations have 22 operational officers and in excess of 240 process servers, so we are always able to meet the clients’ requirements and time constraints.

In this case, we were able to collect the papers, drive to the location and personally serve the papers before the cut-off deadline.

Expert Investigations