Theft of Product

Information was supplied from an employee to our client in Manchester stating that the nightshift was stealing product out of the warehouse.

14 years of experience has shown that is best not to ignore information that is supplied from employees. The management of the company were keen to establish if the thefts were genuine and who was involved. Of note the information supplied stated that one pallet per month was being stolen, with a value of £26,000.

A viewing was made of the location, by Expert Investigations, in the area where the thefts were taking place and it was decided to conduct an observation operation from the undergrowth that viewed the external side rear doors and the rear compound of the factory from where the product was being removed.

The military team of our officers were dug into the undergrowth overlooking the rear compound and during the night shift over a period of seven days observed the product being removed and placed into the private vehicles of the nightshift employees.

All of the evidence was covertly recorded.

Subsequent enquiries identified the stolen product being sold on various well-known websites.

Test purchases (and the collection of the product) which were made by Expert Investigations, which were covertly recorded therefore identified the employees selling the stolen product.

The evidence was handed to the client and the Police were informed on the employees were dealt with via the discipline process and also the criminal justice system

Expert Investigations