The Moonlight Flit

When a client approached his property Litigation Solicitor, he needed a swift trace report for a tenant who had absconded ‘during the night’. He left 4 months of unpaid rent and a string of damages to the property.

The client had limited information, having made his own enquires and established that the tenant had also left his place of work.

This is a common enquiry when a tenant Pre-plans to run up a rental debt hoping to leave and not be located and make good the monies owed.

At Expert Investigations we carry out locate trace enquiries and submit a detailed report.

Unlike most trace companies we have a team dedicated to trace and asset reports with a wealth of knowledge. Using our databases we are able to locate the tenant within our usual 3 to 5 working days and supply a written report of the evidence found to provide the solicitor with.

Based on the information gathered the Solicitor was able to take the legal process in order to recover the debt with Expert Investigations being involved with the process serving of the tenant, who finally paid the monies owed for rent and damage.

Expert Investigations