Swiftly Does It

When one of our long standing established clients contacted us regarding a new contract which they had won, we were very excited to be working with them as their chosen supplier.

Many companies will often compromise quality when there are quantity issues, but our view at Expert Investigations is that whether it be an individual requirement or a bulk requirement the standard of quality and customer service must not diminish in the slightest.

We discussed with the client the service level agreement ,the quantities involved and what they required with regard to both the process serving and the locate trace requirements.

Our locate trace reports are 97% accurate and we use a multitude of databases to cross refer and corroborate the information we find in order to confirm that it is as accurate as it can be. We will supply the reports within 3 to 5 working days but if our client has an urgent requirement for same day then we can deliver this.

We know the kind of things that irritate Solicitors. All too often we hear about organisations that do not keep the Solicitor up to date with serves, acknowledge receipt of the serves, don’t advise when the service taken place and when the paperwork is returned or it is inaccurate, has grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Our process serving team have in excess of 300 process servers and will ensure the experience with us is stress free and we will take the burden away from you. We will always acknowledge receipt of papers via email, serve immediately, update you of the progress, update you upon serve and return the paperwork in a swift timeframe in the correct format.

We serve papers both nationally and internationally in relation to all legal issues making us the preferred choice for so many Litigation Solicitors.

Expert Investigations