False Absenteeism – Physical Injury

It is often the case when investigating false absenteeism that the absent employee is using the time in a resourceful manner. Many are running their own businesses and their salary whilst off long term sick is funding the start-up of that business. (Often they can have also stolen Intellectual Property in the form of databases and information, or been in collusion with current employees stealing product).

One such operation proved that the falsely absent employee, who was a part of a trade team in a Housing Services Department in Nottingham, was doing this.

Acting upon information from the HR Department, a surveillance operation was conducted over a three day period. The surveillance team observed the employee to be doing house renovation in another area of the city, whilst he was signed off long term sick for a month with a physical shoulder injury.

The employee was observed to be driving a van, lifting doors out of it and taking them into the renovation property. He set up his workbench on the drive of the property and was seen to be working, using power tools, lifting and stretching. At the end of his days shift he went to a second address with a pad and clipboard and was observed to be ‘pricing up, for a roofing job.

The following day back at premises one, fellow employees from the Housing Service team were observed to arrive at the location, take six radiators out of their company vehicle (later identified as stolen from the employer) and they all carried them into the address. During that and the following day he was observed to still be working at the address.

All evidence was covertly recorded and handed to the HR Department who subsequently dismissed the employee and those other employers who produced the radiators at the address.

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