Constructive Dismissal Allegation

An allegation of constructive dismissal and disciplinary discrimination was made against a College of Further Education by a former lecturer. He claimed that the employer had caused him significant distress and was making a claim in excess of £150 000 stating he had no quality of life, was taking medication as a result and was seriously depressed and unable to work.

The employer had a suspicion the subject was working elsewhere. The subject was also blind and had worked at the College for 3 years, with adjustments having been made for his blindness.

A covert surveillance operation was conducted in order to gather lawful impartial evidence of the subject’s depressive lifestyle and to establish if he had gained employment.

On the first day of surveillance, bearing in mind the fact that the subject is blind, he drove his vehicle, towing a caravan to Wales.

The subject had feigned his blindness to employer for years.

During the surveillance it was also established that the subject had gained further employment.

The evidence was used by the College in the Tribunal process to negate the claims made by the subject.

Expert Investigations