Breach of Contract

Two senior members of a Liverpool construction company, our client, both submitted letters of resignation within a short period of time Both employees received substantial salaries, one of £85,00 and the other of £65,000.

One employee was responsible for contracts in the building company and the other was responsible for sales The behaviour of both were suspicious to the client that being their employer. During discussions attempts were made to establish why they were leaving and broker a new contract of employment..

At the same time information was received from a current customer of the employer’s who stated that one of the employees had stated they were starting work self-employed and were available to discuss any contract work.

This would be in breach of the terms of contract of the employee.

Expert Investigations were requested to conduct data background  enquiries and it was established that a company had been set up in an alias name of the two employees.

Upon them leaving their employment surveillance was placed on the two individuals to establish their movements and any business activities. It was quickly established that they had rented an industrial premises and had begun to run a company from the premises which was in direct competition with their previous employer and in breach of thier contract.

Surveillance showed the employees visiting current contractors, visiting current clients and visiting current suppliers of their previous employer.

In addition to the surveillance the two computers which the former employees used, when in their previous roles were data mined and information was recovered which also confirmed the breach-of-contract.

The data from the computers showed that for two months prior to leaving their employment the employees had begun to divert contracts to their new company.

In addition a business plan was found on the computer and a list of data which had been extracted onto a portable device from the company computers.

All of the information supplied to the client and their Solicitors and the evidence was used in the legal civil process.

Expert Investigations