Expert Investigations Group is the country’s leading commercial investigation agency, and a specialist in the identification, prevention and disruption of employee dishonesty.

With world-class investigation, risk management and legal support services we work with organisations of every type and size across the UK in the commercial, legal, housing and education sectors.

We provide our clients with fast, effective and affordable solutions to serious threats and issues which can harm any
enterprise: theft; fraud; false absenteeism; breach of contract / theft of IP; commercial, IP or property litigation; legal support services; and much more.


From contractual dispute & debt recovery to fraud and the theft & misuse of intellectual property.
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Including workplace theft & fraud; false absenteeism; post-termination theft of data / breach of contract; and harassment / subversive individual matters.
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Legal Support

Exceptional nationwide support for law firms, from process serving and trace & asset reports to surveillance and investigations.
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Property & Housing

Investigating and resolving landlord and property matters in the public and private sectors, including an ASB professional witness service.
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Working with the education sector on issues as diverse as false absenteeism, safeguarding, harassment & bullying, and breach of contract.
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Risk Management & Control

Conducting gap analysis and security reviews to prevent and disrupt employee dishonesty, mitigating your operational risks with planning, training & implementation.
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We’ve been helping clients to identify, resolve and manage their commercial, operational, HR and asset risks for nearly 20 years.

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Expert Investigations